Bread and Butter

It's not *Real* food, you guys. Have it anyway, though

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Yeah - the longer it goes the worse you feel, but it honestly isn’t you. You never know why places won’t hire you.

yeah you’re right. i just keep thinking i’m doing something wrong. everyone else i know is only unemployed for like a month tops.i guess there are just a ton of people in my area better suited for the positions i apply to. and at this point i’m not even solely aiming for stuff that requires a degree. how do i keep getting rejected by call centers?

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i put in a maintenance request last week and yesterday i got an email saying it was completed so i was like ‘hell yeah i can walk around naked without expecting visitors now”

but then i got a phone call today saying that they never showed up, and they need to come over today. so i’ve been angrily clothed since i woke up.

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When fans complain about “realism” when it comes to diversity in their superhero comics, I like to point out that there are TWO guys in worlds full of dangerous creatures who can throw around tanks - and they use trick arrows.


But, ok.


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The last ongoing Black Panther monthly is was what killed the comic book fandom for me. I refuse to consume that negativity so I just pick and chose the people that read comics on tumblr well, and don’t bother with any other outlets.

yeah, it’s a whole lot of negativity for really strange reasons. there are a bunch of people i used to talk comics with frequently but i just can’t anymore because all they do is talk about how unrealistic diversity is in comics every time a new character gets introduced who isn’t the picture of muscly white male straightness.

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you only hear “trying too hard” in regards to a comic when the narrative includes women, people of color, members of the lgbt community, etc. but never about stuff like batman coming back from the dead or defeating the most powerful, magical creatures of the universe. 

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